About Me on the Ridgeline Report - Lauren Chu

My name is Lauren, and I am here to share nuggets of knowledge and stories I have collected on my ongoing journey of doing fun stuff outside. My goal is to encourage people to spend more time outdoors. Through active travel and adventure, you can do something awesome for your body and your brain.

The Ridgeline Report

The Ridgeline Report is a collection of all things hiking, biking, paddling, and painting. It tells stories of active travel, and was created with one goal: to help and encourage people to get outside. I am passionate about showing travellers how to embrace the outdoors, step out of their comfort zones, and reconnect with fresh air. There is too much screen time and not enough green time. I hope to provide actionable and easy steps you can take towards planning your next outdoor adventure.


I live in and love Toronto: the dusty concrete jungle of the North and melting pot for diversity and culture. With a mechanical engineering degree I was unsure what to do with, I worked for a year and a half overseeing the uniquely complicated process of mixing sugar with water. Despite the wonderful people, I made the decision to leave in pursuit of growing a cool little company that leads hiking trips around the world. Find us here at Live Out Loud Adventures.

In my full life so far I have: hiked 500km in the Appalachian Mountains, cycled the length of Vietnam, “studied” in New Zealand, worked in Australia to (barely) afford exploring its East Coast, and have tried to walk, bike, or canoe as much of Canada as possible. For me, adventure is an experience. It is not a competition or show, and does not need to be validated by anyone but yourself.

My favourite fruit is pomelo. My favourite chip flavour is black pepper & lime. If I had to choose one, I would say Chandler. Or Pheobe. Not Ross though – is he ever a pain. Then again, my dog is named after Joey, so I suppose it is too hard to pick a favourite.


Contact me by email at lauren@theridgelinereport.com