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free trip to arizona - grand canyon group photo

A Free Trip to Arizona Part 2: Skydiving Over the Grand Canyon

To sum up Part 1: Winning a Contest, my three friends - Riley, Carolyn, Sam - and I won a free trip to the Grand Canyon. After much hustling of ...
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A Free Trip to Arizona Part 1: Winning a Contest

Do you know how Micheal Phelps won so many gold medals? Lots of reasons, of course, but Michael Phelps won because in his mind he was already a winner. The ...
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Snacks for Kilimanjaro: snack break with Kili in the background

Snacks for Kilimanjaro: What Food Should I Bring?

So, you've bought all the gear and obtained your visa. Training is going fine. You are pretty sure you have enough layers, and have hand warmers just in case. Now, ...
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Lake on the Mountain Beer Garden Brewery Tour by Bike

Breweries in Prince Edward County: The Ultimate Guide

Prince Edward County lies under 3 hours east of Toronto and has recently become an Ontario vacationer's paradise; and if you haven't heard, the craft brewery scene is really picking ...
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4 day canoe trip in Killarney provincial park - fishing on Balsam Lake

4 Day Canoe Trip in Killarney, Ontario

I discovered Killarney Provincial Park earlier this summer while hiking the 100km La Cloche Silhouette Trail over four days. At the end of September, I returned with brave and hardy ...
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Canoe on a beach on a 5 day canoe trip loop in Algonquin Park

5 Day Canoe Trip Route in Algonquin Park, Ontario

Looking for a quintessential Canadian adventure? Try a canoe trip in Ontario. Ontario is far better known for its breathtaking lakes and  paddling routes than its hiking routes. Though La ...
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Training for Kilimanjaro: Success

Do I Need to Train for Kilimanjaro? How Do I Train for Altitude?

Before climbing Kilimanjaro, I was confused about the required level of physical fitness. Since there is no way of knowing how your body will respond to altitude, no technical climbing, ...
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stages of excitement to elation: uhuru peak, kilimanjaro

Stages of Excitement to Elation in Travel: Mount Kilimanjaro

When do you get excited for a trip? How long to you plan for a journey, poring over the details of your accommodation and flight? Weighing your gear, breaking in ...
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Biking in Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh Road

Low Budget Bike Touring in Vietnam

I biked 1000km in Vietnam and spent $178 on gear including the bike, and I want to prove to you that you can do the same. Bikepacking. Bicycle Touring. World by ...
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How to Explore Sri Lanka in 2 Weeks

Not a quarter as crowded or commercialized as Thailand's beaches, Sri Lanka strikes wonderful balance between useable tourist infrastructure and an authentic experience (at an extremely modest price!). Surfers and ...
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