Silver Creek Hike and Belfountain, Ontario

Blue trail marker in Silver Creek Conservation Area
A blue blaze trail marker in Silver Creek

It’s a little early for Summer activities and Winter seems to be taking its sweet time to phase out. That didn’t stop us crazy kids from making the most of the temperatures just out of the negatives, however, and Easter weekend was full of activities! Silver Creek is under an hour outside of Toronto, and is a great ~free~ way to spend an afternoon. Belfountain, a short drive from Silver Creek, is most pleasant as well. These areas are under the Credit Valley Conservation areas blanket. Both have easy trails and wonderful things to see, so bring your friends, family, and pets, and get out there and explore Ontario!

View through the trees in Silver Creek Conservation Area
A grey sky and brown trees

Silver Creek Itinerary and Route

Silver Creek Trails

An easy drive from Toronto, we parked on the side of the rural road and began our hike in Silver Creek. The transition season time of year meant that my yellow dog became a brown dog very, very quickly.

Silver Creek Conservation Area on the Bruce Trail, Ontario
The white blaze of the Bruce Trail

A section of the Bruce Trail is the main trail in this area, so we did this one plus a couple extra loops added on for fun. In all, we spent about 2 hours exploring the area. Check out the Silver Creek Trail Map.

Silver Creek Conservation Area lake view
A partially thawed lake on a side trail in Silver Creek Conservation Area

Belfountain Conservation Area Gorge, Waterfall, and Trails

Not quite finished with the outdoors just yet, we decided to drive over to Belfountain where we could explore the gorge and see the waterfall. Though the bridge was not yet open for the season, the trails were great! Ice and snow still covered parts of the trail, but the river was flowing and the sun was shining.

Belfountain river waterfall bridge Ontario
The bridge over the river is part of the main trail in the Belfountain conservation area

There were tons of people there despite the cold, and it was awesome to see everyone making the most of the early whisperings of Spring. Here’s the Belfountain Trail Map – much more suited to walkers of any age or fitness level.

Belfountain conservation area river and trail
River along the main trail in the Belfountain Conservation Area

After our adventure of the waterways, we went to the Belfountain General Store for some ice cream, cookies, and a tea. Happy, full, and warm, it was time to head back home. It’s always worth it to get outside and go, and this little day trip got me even more excited of the adventures the Summer will bring!

Gear and Food List


Hiking boots could have be useful in the wet spring, but otherwise running shoes are fine for both of these trails.


The Belfountain General Store had tons of fun snacks, sandwiches, soups, and treats! It was a popular spot even on this cold day, and in the Summer I can’t wait to return so I can enjoy my Pistachio Almond ice cream in the sun.

Make it Happen

  1. Understand the route and pick a time of year you want to go. A few degrees warmer would have been much appreciated, especially in Belfountain with its proximity to the icy water.
  2. Arrange transportation. An easy hour from Toronto, this is a great day trip for all you city slickers.
    • I live in Toronto, but if you’re around the world it’s fun and easy to visit Toronto! There are so many options to rent a car and do this trip, and feel free to reach out if you need some logistical support.
  3. Get outside and do the thing.
Silver Creek Conservation Area hike
If not for yourself, do it for your dog – Ontario’s wilderness is a wonderland for a dog

In the area, and got a bike? Bike to Elora for some beers and burgers!

Silver Creek and Belfountain Ontario

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