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The Best Bag System for Backpacking & Travel

You are planning your backpacking trip and the essentials are covered. Flights, shots, some accommodations, and a loose itinerary are sorted. Now all that’s left is to pack your bag and go! But what backpack should you bring? How big of a pack will you ...
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UNIQLO is the best company for hiking, travelling and outdoor adventures: climbing Kilimanjaro

UNIQLO Review: The Best, Most Underrated Brand for Hiking and Travelling

The most underrated brand for hiking and adventuring clothing is UNIQLO: the Japanese lifestyle clothing brand whose mantra is to “simplify the wardrobe”. Through years of rigorous testing in fairly extreme environments, I have concluded that UNIQLO is the best place for gear that is ...
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best down jackets and synthetic down jackets for any budget

Best Down Jackets for Every Budget and User

Packable down, puffy, puffer, or synthetic mid-layer with no down at all - whatever you call it, you probably have one. If you don’t, you may want one. This quintessential piece of layering gear is the staple mid-layer of many outdoor enthusiasts. In cities too, ...
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Eddie Bauer Microtherm 2.0 StormDown Jacket Review - cross country skiing in Ontario

Eddie Bauer Microtherm 2.0 Stormdown Review

The Eddie Bauer Microtherm is a lightweight, 800-fill down jacket that I use as a winter coat in Toronto, a mid-layer while snowboarding, and a must-have while hiking & camping. I have owned this jacket for a year and worn it as much as one ...
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best backpacking pot - amazon aluminum camping pot

The Best Pot For Backpacking: An Affordable Aluminum Camping Pot

This isn't just the best pot for backpacking. I believe that it is the best pot for hiking and for camping, too. This affordable aluminum camping pot from Amazon has far exceeded my expectations and made so many of my trips as wonderful as they ...
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hiking gear for cheap: 10 affordable alternatives to expensive gear

Hiking Gear For Cheap: 10 Affordable Alternatives

People love to spend money on gear: especially hikers and campers. But why is getting outside becoming so expensive, and how can you save on these outrageously priced items? How do you find cheap hiking gear? Here are some easy ways you can make hiking ...
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The North Face Venture Review: Brazeau Loop Jasper

The North Face Venture Review: Mixed Feelings

The North Face Venture Review The North Face Venture (actually called the Venture 2) is a mid-level rain coat in both performance and price. I’ve owned two Venture Jackets over 4 years. They are well worn and well loved, but I will not be buying another ...
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Xero Shoes Z-Trail review

Xero Shoes Z-Trail: A Mixed Review

I'm not huge into barefoot running. I am a minimalist when it comes to gear and packing, especially when trying to cover 100km in 4 days on La Cloche Silhouette Trail. Thus, I wanted a pair of barefoot sandals I could ease into barefoot running ...
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Biking in Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh Road

Low Budget Bike Touring in Vietnam

I biked 1000km in Vietnam and spent $178 on gear including the bike, and I want to prove to you that you can do the same. Bikepacking. Bicycle Touring. World by bike. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Sounds hard, too. Thing is, if you can ride a ...
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The North Face Terra 65 New Zealand Mt Armstrong

What Hiking Gear Should I Spend On, and Where Can I Save?

It's remarkable. We spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on camping and hiking gear so we can sleep outside. The outdoor gear industry is incomprehensibly massive, and many of us are guilty - myself included - of buying gear we think we need. It is ...
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Jasper Alberta Canada backpacking pack

The Ultimate Pack: North Face Terra 65 Review

My North Face Terra 65 pack has seen thousands of kilometres of trail, and it is GOING STRONG. A simple but practical pack for a backpacking trip that requires either serious amounts of gear or serious amounts of food, the Terra 65 is an affordable ...
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Light My Fire titanium spork opening a beer

My 6 Essential Hiking Gear Items

There are very few things you need to embark on a hiking adventure, but everyone does have favourites. Here is my list of essential hiking gear items that I bring on every trip - what items can't you travel without? Disclosure: some of these links ...
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Fiordland NP New Zealand

Mammut Trovat Advanced High GTX Hiking Boot Review

This is one of those hiking items I will shell out on, and encourage you to do the same. Though the Mammut Trovat GTX is pretty far on the high end of price points for backpacking boots, there is something to be said about what ...
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