Bike to Elora from Marsville, Ontario

Overlooking the Elora Gorge
A bit chilly to stay a while, but still wonderful to sit by the Gorge after a nice bike ride

Guess what? It’s yet another awesome day trip from Toronto idea! The original plan was to start in Erin, Ontario and bike to Elora, where we would enjoy a couple of pints at the Elora Brewing Co. and walk around the Elora Gorge. Alas, time was not on our side and our plans got delayed – the fun factor, however, stayed sky high, and this impromptu bike trip was made all the better with the excellent company.

Bike to Elora Itinerary and Route

Marsville to Elora, 26km

(Original Plan: Erin to Elora, 38km)

We left the city of Toronto around 11 and after much deliberation and confusion, we met in Erin, Ontario around 1pm. It was chilly and late, so we drove a bit closer to our final destination of Elora before hopping on the bikes. 7 of us drove to the church in Marsville where our journey began. Winds were strong to say the least. At times, downhills felt like uphills with the headwind.

biking to Elora Ontario from Marsville
Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got fun friends

The roads were straight and empty, so the biking was pleasant as we passed by fields and farms. In Elora, we stopped by the Gorge to have a look! The water was still thawing out, and I can’t wait to return in the Summer for a swim.

The Elora Gorge in Spring with ice still covering the water
I love the patterns the ice makes as it thaws on any body of water!

After an hour and 20 minutes of fighting with the wind, our bike to Elora was complete as we arrived at the Elora Brewing Co. Clearly a bumpin’ joint, we sat at the bar for a while before a table became available enjoying a variety of their (mostly) hop-forward beers and unexpectedly tasty cider. Strangely exhausted despite not having come very far, I enjoyed one of the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. The pickles were INCREDIBLE, and the house-made ketchup was a real treat. Thank you, Elora Brewing Co., for your fries and house-made ketchup.

biking to the Elora Brewing Company in Elora, Ontario
With 2 locks and 7 bikes, it was a bit of an effort to tie these up

Shortly after we arrived, it started to rain. Hard. It was not ideal biking weather, and we were all pretty okay with calling it a day. A cab back to the cars confirmed our decision as we passed fields covered in fresh snow and roads slick with stormy rain. Alas, we shall have to return in better weather.

the Elora Brewing Company flight and tasty burgers
Burgers, pickles, ketchup, fries, grilled cheese, and beer !!

Gear and Food List


A day trip! By bike! All you need is a bike to bike to Elora!


With as much certainty as one can have, spend the extra dollars and eat at the Elora Brewing Co.

Make it Happen

  1. Understand the route and pick a time of year you want to go. A few degrees warmer and a lot less rain would have made this all the better. In the Summer, we plan on making a longer camping trip out of this. If you start in Elora and don’t have a problem with gravel, the Elora Cataract Trailway is a much more scenic alternative to the roads we took. I’d like to go back soon with this plan in mind instead!
  2. Arrange transportation. An easy hour from Toronto, this is a great day trip for all you city slickers.
    • I live in Toronto, but if you’re around the world it’s fun and easy to visit Toronto! There are so many options to rent a car/bike and do this trip, and feel free to reach out if you need some logistical support.
  3. Get outside and do the thing.

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